Pricing for Dog Training, Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare

Daycare Rates
  1st Dog 2nd Dog
Full-Day Pass $23 $20
Half-Day Pass $11.50 $10
5 Full-Day Pass $110 ($22/day) $100 ($20/day)
10 Full-Day Pass $210 ($21/day) $200 ($20/day)
20 Full-Day Pass $400 ($20/day) $380 ($19/day)
5 Half-Day Pass $50 $45
10 Half-Day Pass $100 $95
Daycare while Boarding $11.50/Day $10/Day

Dog Boarding Rates
  1st Dog 2nd Dog
Indoor/Outdoor Suite $35 $55
Interior Suite $30 $50
Quiet Cottages (for smaller dogs) $23-$25
(2 sizes available)

*50% discount for third dog boarding in the same room.

*Boarding stays of 10 days or more receive discount.

*Pricing above is for dogs boarding in the same suite.

Boarding Individual Activities
Couch Potato Time - Let your dog enjoy 20 minutes of chilling on the couch with a staff member, watching movies and receiving undivided attention. This activity is great for dogs that love cuddling and who don’t need a lot of exercise. $7 (per dog)
Enrichment Time - This activity is great for dog’s who love to get into mischief because they are so smart! Stimulate their mind with figuring out puzzles and games made especially for dogs! This activity is 20 minutes and takes place in the Enrichment Room. We use treats during this activity so please let us know if your dog has food allergies! $7 (per dog)
One on One Excercise - This activity is designed for the dogs that need a lot of exercise! If Frisbee or fetch is your dog’s favorite pastime this is the activity for them. You can choose to have the activity in our large indoor playroom or the outdoor playground with turf and bone pools! $7 (per dog)
Sweet Treat - Give your dog a sweet treat during Yappy Hour! Choice of a peanut butter kong or doggie ice cream. $2.50 (per dog)
Training Session - If your dog loves to work, this is the activity for them. One hour of training and you set the agenda. From basic obedience to agility we can work with your dog to improve their skills and get a lot of attention! $50 (per session)

Boarding Group Activities

Daycare while Boarding - For well socialized dogs, doggie daycare is a great activity to burn some energy while playing with friends! The dogs play in small supervised groups that are separated by size and temperament. All dogs playing in daycare must wear a harness for safety reasons. Harnesses are available for sale or to rent ($1/day)

**All dogs in daycare over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered. The dogs must not show any signs of aggression, extreme fear or dominant behavior. Dogs that are inappropriate for daycare will be moved to individual activities.

$11.50 (per dog) Offered Monday through Saturday
Bathing (Includes Nail Trim, Ears, Bath, Conditioning Rinse, Anal Glands, Perfume)
Baths include bathing with a hypo-allergenic shampoo followed by a milk coconut conditioning treatment, nail trim, ear cleansing and anal gland expression. Pricing is based on weight as shown below.
Small (0-24 lbs) $27
Medium (24-44 lbs.) $32
Large (45-64 lbs.) $37
X-Large (65-100 lbs.) $42
XX-Large (101+ lbs.) $47
Nails Only $10
Anal Glands Only $10
Flea baths are normal weight rate plus $5  

Please call 919-329-9892 for class information  

Sleep Cot Rental - This is an elevated cot designed for dogs to ensure comfort while boarding. Easily cleaned and easily shared between two dogs. $2/day
Medication Dispensing $2/day flat rate
Insulin Shots $2/day flat rate

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Prices subject to change without notice. Contact Bone Voyage Inc. to confirm pricing. Pricing at site supersedes pricing on website.