Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonials from some of our customers - Dog Daycare, Dog Training, Dog Boarding

After bringing home my new puppy at 8 weeks, I was worried about the quality of daycare or boarding I would find for him on the days I was at work at the hospital. Since I work such long hours, it was extremely important to me to find someone to take care of Finnigan as if he was their own. At 12 weeks we enrolled and since then the positive benefits of his socialization with people and other dogs has made my time with him out in the community so much more enjoyable.

The owners at Bone Voyage have been so caring and kind and have always been more than willing to work with my varied schedule. I am so very lucky to have found such a great place for Finnigan to play and I have never worried about him not being taken care of by staff that love him as much as I do. I have and will continue to recommend Bone Voyage to each and every person I can get to listen to me!

T. Leonhardt
Garner, NC

My German Shepherd, Haley, has been a regular visitor at Bone Voyage since they opened in October 2004. Haley loves going to daycare and playing with the other dogs. Haley knows where she is going when we turn down Old Drugstore Road and she starts dancing around in the back seat. She can hardly wait to get out because she knows she is going to have fun. When I pick Haley up from daycare I know she has played hard when her tongue is hanging out the side of her mouth. We have also boarded Haley when we went out of town and she did great.

I can’t say enough about the staff at Bone Voyage. They are great! They are friendly and treat the dogs just like they are their own. I am always looking for a chance to tell someone about how great Bone Voyage is for your pet. I regularly hand out their pamphlets anytime I get a chance, so if a strange woman starts asking you where you board your pet, it just might be me!

Thanks, Andrea and Haley


Hi, my name is Murphy a/k/a Wild Man. I am one of the luckiest dogs on the planet! My Mom and Dad take me to Bone Voyage everyday to play with all my friends! I have been going to Doggie Daycare at Bone Voyage since I was three months old and I LOVE it! I spend all day playing, playing, and playing some more! My Dad picks me up in the afternoon and I go home and get some well-deserved sleep, so I can be ready to do it all over again come morning! The girls at Bone Voyage give me lots of love too. They are the greatest and they also play with me (did I mention I like to play?)! Bone Voyage is the GREATEST place in the world!

Murphy’s Mom

Where do I begin to talk about how wonderful Bone Voyage is? I am the proud parent of a beautiful Cocker Spaniel named Murphy. Murphy is quite a handful and has been since a puppy. I have never seen a dog that likes to play so much. Murphy came into our home last November and, in the beginning, we had to kennel him while we were away at work. When we would come home at night after an exhausting day, Murphy would have so much energy and we spent hours in an attempt to wear him out enough so he would sleep through the night - no small feat with Murphy! Then, one day, I had an epiphany - DAYCARE! I had heard about Bone Voyage through a friend who would take their dog there when they went out of town. I went on the Internet later that night and did a search and found their website and there it was, Doggie Daycare. I called the next day and set Murphy up for a trial run. The plan in the beginning was to take Murphy to daycare twice a week, which then turned in to three times a week, which turned into four times a week, and then we just threw in the towel and said, "Let's take him everyday". It is so nice to know that while my husband and I are at work, Murphy is getting much needed exercise and is having fun! Murphy is usually exhausted by the end of the day, but he still has a little bit of energy left for Mom and Dad - so we get in some playtime too. Miss Katie, Miss Kaye, Miss Joleen, and Miss Melissa can't have all the fun!

The staff at Bone Voyage is incredible. They love all the dogs they care for and the dogs love them right back. When I drop Murphy off in the mornings, I have yet to come across a dog who doesn't’t want to be there. Murphy knows his way to the back and is ready to go each morning - so much for telling Mom bye! I simply cannot say enough about everyone at Bone Voyage! They are always kind and have smiles on their faces, which is infectious. I go to work each day smiling because I know Murphy is in good hands! Thanks so much Bone Voyage for all you do!

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