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Our Resident Training Program for your Dog

Dogs that receive training while boarding at Bone Voyage are in the Resident Training Program. This program is great for those who go out of town often, have demanding schedules, or would like to have a good head start before beginning to train their dog. These dogs train a minimum of one hour daily and focus on the specific program designed for them by their owners and trainer. They will train in high and low level environments, in a group and one on one. We recommend a stay of 2-3 weeks to achieve an advanced beginner level and 3- 4 weeks for an intermediate level. At this stage most dogs will know how to sit, down, stay with high and low level distractions, come when called, give focused attention, and walk on a loose leash. Training goals can include, but are not limited to…

Training goals can include, but are not limited to…

Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leash Walking, Focused Attention

Front, Finish. Stand, Transition to Off Leash, Distant Sits and Downs, Advanced Stays

Wait, Off, Leave It, Drop, Release, No Bite, Place, Quiet, Housebreaking

Train the Dog OwnerOnce we train the dog it is time to train the other end of the leash!

Resident Training Package includes
(at no charge):

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